EUCAST questions and answers
Co-Organiser: EUCAST

Screening for carbapenemase production, molecular and phenotypic methods

Addressing the problem of MDR Neisseria gonorrhoeae

How to treat MDR tuberculosis?
Co-Organiser: ESGMYC

Sepsis management beyond antibiotics
Co-Organiser: ESGBIS

Controversies in treatment of malaria and crimean-congo haemorrhagic fever
Co-Organiser: ESGITM

Healthcare providers and influenza vaccination
Co-Organiser: EVASG

Management and troubleshooting of in-house molecular diagnostics in the microbiological lab
Co-Organiser: ESGMD

Control of vancomycin-resistant enterococci: efforts justified?
Co-Organiser: ESGNI

Outbreak of P. aeruginosa in your hospital and you think it could be water-related? Want to know what to do next?
Co-Organiser: EFWISG

Current challenges and emerging evidence of infection control and prevention measures in long-term care facilities

New nomenclature: new species - any meaning for clinical relevance?
Co-Organiser: EFISG

Strategies for malaria prevention, why do national guidelines differ?
Co-Organiser: ESGCP

Who should and who should not receive drug treatment for Chagas disease?
Co-Organiser: ESGCP

The management of HIV/HCV infection in the era of direct active drugs
Co-Organiser: ESGVH

New viruses: pathogens or innocent bystanders?

How to use next generation sequencing in future virology

Altered drug disposition in the elderly
Co-Organiser: EPASG, ESGIE

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